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So, for the past few days Michael J. Fox has been trending on Twitter. Not to worry, he hasn’t died or been hospitalized, etc. Turns out that it’s the fault of some in-poor-taste Twitter bots automatically tweeting terrible jokes about MJF. Visit this site to read in more detail. Warning: There are some mean-spirited jokes …

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Speaking of Twitter…

In case you didn’t know, MJF live-tweets all of the “The Michael J. Fox Show” episodes as they air. At least, he has up to this point. 🙂 Follow MJF on Twitter. He compliments his wife a lot. He’s not stupid.

MJF Tweets?

It looks like Michael J. Fox may now be on Twitter. The account hasn’t been verified but his friend Denis Leary (whose account is verified) claims that it’s really him. [Edited to add: The account has now been verified.] Check it out!

Tweet Highlights from the SHRM Conference

Stacey Carroll tweeted from the SHRM conference for the Payscale for Employers website. EXCERPT: Michael J. Fox Michael J Fox failed drama class in high school. Here’s some news: Being a four star actor is more fun in retrospect. Right as he was ready to give up, he got the call for “Family Ties.” After …

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