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MJF References in Radio Shack Commercial

Radio Shack’s ‘The 80’s want their store back’ commercial iss great fun for children of the 80’s (of which I am one.) It includes two Michael J. Fox references – a Teen Wolf (they even got the jersey number right) and a DeLorean. Watch it below:

My take on the ‘new’ “Teen Wolf” series

I have just recently started watching MTV’s “Teen Wolf” live-action series and I have to (reluctantly) admit that it’s much better than I thought possible. It’s aimed at teens but the characters are likeable enough that it can be enjoyed by adults. In other words, these teens aren’t (all) obnoxious. Fans of the original will …

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Teen Wolf Reunion Screening

Recently in Santa Monica, California at the Aero theater, Teen Wolf was screened followed up by a question and answer period with the cast and filmmakers of the 1985 film. Michael J. Fox was not able to attend but almost all of the rest of the main cast was there. That would have been nifty …

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MJF Picture of the Day :: Teen Wolf

Michael J. Fox would have made an interesting Vulcan…

MJF Picture of the Day :: Teen Wolf

Today’s picture is from Teen Wolf, the little movie that hugely benefited from the success of Back to the Future. Teen Wolf became the second highest grossing film of 1985.

Design You Trust tribute to MJF

Design You Trust

Design You Trust is a blog dedicated to graphic design. Today they have posted a tribute to Michael J. Fox. Check out the site for larger, and more, images.

Awesome Teen Wolf T-shirt – Hurry!

Shirt Punch Teen Wolf T-shirt

Shirt Punch has an awesome Teen Wolf-inspired t-shirt for sale today, but only for a little under 13 hours. If you want yours, act quickly!

Related :: Jason Bateman Re-enacts Teen Wolf Too

Being a child of the 80’s (more like tween and teen of the 80’s) I have always known who Jason Bateman is and I have always liked him. And having appeared in Teen Wolf Too, he will always have a place here on the MJFDB. Recently, during an appearance on Jimmy Fallon’s late-night program, he …

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Teen Wolf Blu-Ray Review

Brian at Moviehole posts an informative and entertaining review of the Teen Wolf Blu-Ray Excerpt: “Teen Wolf” is an amusing movie, most confident when depicting Scott taking advantage of his wolf power, finding his life elevated by the miracle fur. Expectedly, the script attempts to ground the picture in sincerity for the final act, but …

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80’s Flashback: Teen Wolf Animated Series

Teen Wolf Cartoon Ad

The new MTV “Teen Wolf” television series is about to start but it isn’t the first series to be based on the original film (if you can consider the new series to have anything to do with the film aside from the title). During the 1986-1987 season, ABC ran the animated series “Teen Wolf” based …

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