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MJF Wins Another Emmy

Michael J. Fox won the Emmy for his guest appearance on “Rescue Me.” Congrats!

Bad, bad webmaster

So – Michael J. Fox was nominated for another Emmy and I failed to report it. I have been such a slacker in regards to this website for a long time now. So, for those of you who don’t know, Michael J. Fox was nominated for an Emmy for best supporting actor for his work …

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MJF News Update

Disney has already started promoting Robert Zemeckis’ new actor-free motion-capture flick A Christmas Carol. Michael J. Fox is providing a voice-over. Hey U Guys has a video and many pictures of the most recent event….Read More Michael J. Fox was included in a list of Top 10 TV Performances That Stood Out in 2009 for …

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Playing Catch Up

It’s been over a month since I posted any news – and just when there was actual news to post! I apologize for my slacking. The reason for it? My department has become shorthanded at my real-world job and the stress was getting to me. So, with no further delay, here are all the news …

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Rescue Me Facts and Other MJF Stuff

Five things to know about Rescue Me. Parkinson’s made MJF a better dad. EW.com gives a brief review of Rescue Me’s new season. Here’s an excerpt: And you cannot miss Michael J. Fox’s performance as a wheelchair-whirling, scruffy, profane rival for Janet’s affections. By the time he takes Tommy for a hair-raising car ride in …

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Rescue Me Pic

Rollin' along

Looky. A picture from MJF on his upcoming ‘Rescue Me’ appearances. So, yeah. The 10th anniversary of the MJFDB passed by this past week – February 4, 2009 – and I did absolutely nothing to commemorate it. Wasn’t because I didn’t want to. There’s this thing called time that I never have enough of. If …

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More on Rescue Me

More about MJF’s appearances on Rescue Me from hellomagazine.ca Michael J Fox set to make five episode appearance in pal Denis’ series Denis Leary has signed up his pal Michael J Fox to appear in the new series of his acclaimed drama about New York firefighters Rescue Me Photo: © Getty Images 2009-01-15 As the star …

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MJF on Rescue Me – more details


The following is from the Canada.com website: Michael J. Fox rescues Rescue Me Alex Strachan, Canwest News Service Published: Wednesday, January 14, 2009 UNIVERSAL CITY, Calif. — Michael J. Fox will appear in the first five episodes of the new season of Rescue Me, the series’ star Denis Leary told reporters earlier this week. Fox, who is …

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I have to ask this question: Why is that when Michael J. Fox makes an appearance on any television program now, his characters now have to have some kind of impairment? When I heard that he would be making a guest appearance on Rescue Me next season I turned to my husband and asked him if …

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Leary’s Heroes Comes to the ‘Rescue’

[The original articles are gone, but I am leaving the excerpts on the site] Excerpt: Despite Leary’s team’s strong NHL Hall of Fame presence, including Cam Neely, Terry O’Reilly, Pat LaFontaine and Ray Bourque as well as `Fever Pitch’ director Bobby Farrelly, WEEI guy Lyndon Byers, `Rescue Me’ hottie Michael Lombardi, Red Hot Chili Peppers …

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