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MJF Films Not Available on DVD

Light of Day Poster

Over the past 32 years Michael J. Fox has appeared in 28 feature films – not counting documentaries and archival footage. All but 2 of these films are available on DVD in the USA. Light of Day, released in 1987, was not a commercial or critical success. It was MJF’s first foray into non-comedic roles …

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MJF Picture of the Day :: Doc Hollywood

Today’s image is from the romantic comedy Doc Hollywood, a light, enjoyable film filled with great characters and performers. I REALLY wish it would be re-released to DVD or, even better, blu-ray with a good print and in the correct aspect ratio.

You know you’re a MJF fanatic when…

…you see that sign on “Fringe” – you know, this one: …and you don’t think, “Huh, nice way to let the viewer know the characters are in the alternate universe without having someone come right out and say it.” No, what you think is, “Huh, a different universe. Cool. Wait…then did Michael J. Fox never …

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Birthday Top 10 List

Stylin' sneakers

It’s Michael J. Fox’s 47th birthday and as a ‘celebration’ I took a page from AFI’s book and decided to list my top 10 favorite Michael J. Fox films. These aren’t necessarily his best movies, but they’re my personal favorites – the ones I can watch over and over again and not get tired of …

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