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Icons & Innovators: Leary and Fox

TV Guide posts their article with Denis Leary and Michael J. Fox. Excerpt: TV Guide Magazine: This is for our series “Icons & Innovators.” I’ll let you two decide who’s the Icon and who’s the Innovator. Fox: He’s the Innovator. Leary: Now that f—ing sucks! [FULL ARTICLE]

MJF Tweets?

It looks like Michael J. Fox may now be on Twitter. The account hasn’t been verified but his friend Denis Leary (whose account is verified) claims that it’s really him. [Edited to add: The account has now been verified.] Check it out!

Leary ‘Hates’ MJF

…not really. Excerpt: “If he gets nominated and wins this year [for The Good Wife], I’m going to his house and I’m stealing the Emmy from him. Like he needs another one! He also has, like, $600 billion in Spin City money. I hate him. He’s a talented guy and nice and successful. “He’s the …

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Playing Catch Up

It’s been over a month since I posted any news – and just when there was actual news to post! I apologize for my slacking. The reason for it? My department has become shorthanded at my real-world job and the stress was getting to me. So, with no further delay, here are all the news …

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Rescue Me Facts and Other MJF Stuff

Five things to know about Rescue Me. Parkinson’s made MJF a better dad. EW.com gives a brief review of Rescue Me’s new season. Here’s an excerpt: And you cannot miss Michael J. Fox’s performance as a wheelchair-whirling, scruffy, profane rival for Janet’s affections. By the time he takes Tommy for a hair-raising car ride in …

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Rescue Me Pic

Rollin' along

Looky. A picture from MJF on his upcoming ‘Rescue Me’ appearances. So, yeah. The 10th anniversary of the MJFDB passed by this past week – February 4, 2009 – and I did absolutely nothing to commemorate it. Wasn’t because I didn’t want to. There’s this thing called time that I never have enough of. If …

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More on Rescue Me

More about MJF’s appearances on Rescue Me from hellomagazine.ca Michael J Fox set to make five episode appearance in pal Denis’ series Denis Leary has signed up his pal Michael J Fox to appear in the new series of his acclaimed drama about New York firefighters Rescue Me Photo: © Getty Images 2009-01-15 As the star …

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MJF on Rescue Me – more details


The following is from the Canada.com website: Michael J. Fox rescues Rescue Me Alex Strachan, Canwest News Service Published: Wednesday, January 14, 2009 UNIVERSAL CITY, Calif. — Michael J. Fox will appear in the first five episodes of the new season of Rescue Me, the series’ star Denis Leary told reporters earlier this week. Fox, who is …

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Leary’s Heroes Comes to the ‘Rescue’

[The original articles are gone, but I am leaving the excerpts on the site] Excerpt: Despite Leary’s team’s strong NHL Hall of Fame presence, including Cam Neely, Terry O’Reilly, Pat LaFontaine and Ray Bourque as well as `Fever Pitch’ director Bobby Farrelly, WEEI guy Lyndon Byers, `Rescue Me’ hottie Michael Lombardi, Red Hot Chili Peppers …

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MJF to participate in Leary FF Fund Raiser

Michael J. Fox is scheduled to participate in the Leary Firefighters Foundation fund raising hockey game on October 3, 2004. For more details, visit the Leary Firefighters Foundation website