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MJF References in Radio Shack Commercial

Radio Shack’s ‘The 80’s want their store back’ commercial iss great fun for children of the 80’s (of which I am one.) It includes two Michael J. Fox references – a Teen Wolf (they even got the jersey number right) and a DeLorean. Watch it below:

Back to the Future the Musical

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of Back to the Future, Robert Zemeckis, Bob Gale and Jamie Lloyd along with composer Alan Silvestri will be writing a musical version of the celebrated film. The book will be by Zemeckis, Gale and Lloyd with Silvestri providing the music. The musical will premiere in London in 2015 with …

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Christopher Lloyd to Guest Star on the MJF Show

You may have already heard (yes, I’m late to the show) that Christopher Lloyd, famous for his role as Doctor Emmet L. Brown in the Back to the Future series, will be guest starring in an upcoming episode of “The Michael J. Fox Show.” [SOURCE] Michael J. Fox tweeted about it yesterday.

Blink to the Future

You have to be a BTTF and current Dr. Who fan to get all the references, but if you happen to be both, this is pure awesomeness:

BTTF.com 1-Day Sale

Want some Back to the Future merchandise? Visit the BTTF.com store but do it quick! Their one day sale ends at midnight tonight! Visit the BTTF.com store.

Alert for All Pennsylvanians!

The Hershey Theatre in Hershey, Pennsylvania will be screening Back to the Future on April 21. Visit their site for more details.

BTTF/Dr. Who T-shirt – Limited Time!

Biff has the Police Box

Tee Fury is offering t-shirts with the below image for a limited time. If you want one, go get it now!

BTTF Script, first draft

The first draft script of Back to the Future has been added to the site.

MJF-Related: Don’t Call Him Chicken

Feel Afraid Comic for January 17, 2011

From FeelAfraid.com

MJF Picture of the Day :: Serious Sh*t

Serious Shit Gif

Gif snagged from Back to the Future: The Novelization of the Feature Film tumblr