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TellTale Game’s BTTF Trailer

[Post altered November 3, 2011] Because a commercial automatically plays and there is no option to even pause it, I have removed the embedded trailer. You can find it here.

New Pages on the Site

The site seems to be behaving much better today – knock on wood, keeping my fingers crossed, throwing salt over my shoulder – and I’ve been able to get some work done. Four new pages have been added to the site. Don’t Ask Me, Ask God Back to the Future: The Video Game – Episode …

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BTTF Video Game Episode 5 Review

Check out TheSixthAxis.com for their review of part 5 of the Back to the Future Video Game.

Two Voices

MJF in BTTF Video Game

It turns out that Michael J. Fox will be voicing not one character in the fifth installment of the Telltale Games Back to the Future video game, but two. There has been no word yet on who the two characters are – the Creative Director of Telltale Games, David Grossman, states that “you’ll know ’em …

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MJF to lend voice to BTTF Video Game

It has been reported that Michael J. Fox will be doing some voice work for the last installment of Telltale Games’ successful Back to the Future video game. He will not be playing Marty but another member of the McFly family, whose name has yet to be revealed.

‘Back to the Future’ Game Review

The Jackson Sun website has a review of the new Back to the Future Game (Part 1 of 5). Read it here. To purchase the game, visit the official site.

Another BTTF Game Review

BTTF Game by TellTale Games

Visit the Aeropause site for another BTTF game review

BTTF Game Pt. 1 Review

Emmet Brown in BTTF Game by TellTale Games

For an in-depth review that includes screen captures and video, visit the Gaming Truth website now!