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BTTF III: Silent Movied

Recently, several movies have been given the Silent Movie treatment, including Back to the Future III (see below). To see more of these clips, visit the Daily Mail site.

Back to the Future Blu-Ray Review

Two weeks ago the Back to the Future trilogy was released to Blu-Ray. I was skeptical about this release, wondering if purchasing the trilogy again would be worth it. It was. My husband and I sat down and watched all three back to back and enjoyed the hell out of all three. I even came …

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Rescue Me Pic

Rollin' along

Looky. A picture from MJF on his upcoming ‘Rescue Me’ appearances. So, yeah. The 10th anniversary of the MJFDB passed by this past week – February 4, 2009 – and I did absolutely nothing to commemorate it. Wasn’t because I didn’t want to. There’s this thing called time that I never have enough of. If …

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More catch-up

I hope all of you from the USA had a good Thanksgiving – and all you Canadians had a good one last month. Here’s some MJF news to round out your weekend. Tracy Pollan to appear on Medium – Tracy Pollan will appear in a three-episode story arc on the television series Medium. Taking Science …

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