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Teen Wolf

Teen Wolf Poster (B&W)Setting: Beacon Town, Nebraska; USA

The film starts out in the Beacon High School Gymnasium where a basketball game between the Beacon Beavers and The Dragons is taking place. The opening scene sets the stage for the entire film. It tells us that the Beavers are a horrible basketball team, that Mick McAllister, a team member of the Dragons, is a real jerk, that Scott Howard has a crush on Pamela Wells and that ‘Boof’ has a crush on Scott Howard.

The scene also demonstrates the ‘coaching’ style of Coach Finstock and the contempt that Vice Principal Thorne has for the basketball program.

During the last seconds of the game, Scott and Mick are fighting over possession of the ball. Scott gives off a little growl (Can you say foreshadowing? I knew you could.) And Mick gives up the ball. With a pseudo-“Chariots of Fire” theme playing, Scott tries for a three point basket. He misses just as the buzzer goes off signifying the end of the game. It wouldn’t really have mattered anyway, since the Beavers were so far behind. Game Over!

In the locker room after the game, Brad, a disgruntled Beaver team player, berates his fellow team players about their performance. Scott catches Chubby cheating on his diet but Chubby fends him off with a smelly sock.

Stiles makes an entrance cheering the team for their performance, obviously kissing up. He asks Scott for some money but Scott tells him he’ll talk to him about it later. Stiles goes off to try to get money from others (like Lemonade) while Scott finds a long (and lone) hair on his chest. He pulls it out and continues to dress.

When Scott has cleaned up, he goes to the Coach’s office to talk to him. He tells the coach that he’s been feeling strange; “I’m going through…changes.” Coach Finstock isn’t much help, proving that he’s all talk and no show. Scott tells him that he thinks he may have to quit the team. The Coach proceeds to tell him a sob story that really has nothing to do with the present situation which confuses Scott, and finally he leaves, knowing there’s not going to be any help coming from there.

Boof is waiting for Scott outside of School. She walks with him to work. As they start on their way, Stiles drives by

“Boof, how the hell are ya?”-Stiles
“Say no.”-Scott
“No.”- Boof
“Nice talkin’ to ya.”-Stiles

Scott starts telling Boof about a dream he had involving Pamela Wells and really big chickens. Boof asks if she was in it and he tells her that she was.

They continue their walk and Scott begins to complain about being so average-himself, the town, the team, everything. He asks Boof if there’s anything wrong with him, and she tells him no. He asks why Pamela Wells won’t say two words to him. She tells him that he can do a lot better than Pamela Wells. When he asks, “Like who?” (what a dork) it obviously upsets her and she runs off telling him she’ll see him at the party that night.

Scott arrives at his dad’s hardware store where he works. He and his dad are chitchatting when Scott hears a piercing whistle. His dad doesn’t seem to hear it. Scott runs off, trying to find the source. It turns out to be a kid blowing a dog whistle.

That same afternoon, Scott returns to the high school to deliver some supplies to the drama teacher, Mr. Lolley. On his way to the auditorium, Scott drops a roll of tape. Mr. Thorne is in the halls and picks up the tape. He throws it at Scott, causing him to drop all of the other supplies he was carrying. He walks past Scott without offering to help pick up the supplies, or even looking at him.

When Scott gets to the auditorium, Pamela Wells is on stage, rehearsing, taking direction from Mr. Lolley; “More sensual, darling. We need to feel you, want to smell you. Hurt me. Hurt me.” Scott goes onto the stage to tell Mr. Lolley that his supplies have arrived. He’s obviously very nervous around Pamela. While Mr. Lolley is on his way to the stage, Scott offers to take Pamela to the party. “I’ve got a van.” She just looks at him like he’s a bug. He drops the supplies again and his hands are covered with hair. He quickly hides them. Pamela tells him that she already has a ride to the party as Mick walks in. They make fun of him a bit, then leave the auditorium. Scott looks at his hands after Pam and Mick have gone, but they’re normal again.

Meanwhile, in other parts of Beacon Town: Stiles is trying to buy some beer from Tony’s Liquor. He puts on a big act, even tipping the cashier, but the clerk asks for I.D. and Stiles gets nowhere.

That night at home, Scott and his dad are having dinner together. Scott tells his dad that he wants to quit the basketball team and take up drama. His dad reminds him that he and his late mother always told him that he could do whatever he wanted. But, his dad also reminds him of his commitment to the team. Scott pointedly asks his dad if anything really weird has ever happened to him. His dad tells him that they need to talk, just as Stiles arrives to get Scott for the party.

Before they go to the party, Stiles tries to convince Scott to do a fake holdup on the liquor store, using a water pistol, even paying for the beer. Scott refuses the water pistol, but takes the money and goes inside. He asks for a keg of beer and the cashier (the same one Stiles encountered earlier) starts lecturing Scott. Scott uses the redeye plus deep voice trick and gets the keg…and some powdered donuts.

On the way to the party, Scott and Lewis talk about Pamela and Mick. For some reason (maybe he’s delusional?) Scott doesn’t think that Pamela and Mick are going out. Lewis assures him that they are dating and asks Scott why he doesn’t go for Boof. Scott just blows the suggestion off.

Stiles has them pull over, wanting to surf on the way to the party. Lewis drives Stiles’ car as Stiles rides on top of Scott’s van, ‘surfing’ to the Beach Boy’s “Surfin’ U.S.A.” Scott’s having a good time, singing along, and happens to glance at the side view mirror. His ears have changed, looking much life elf ears, which freaks him out and he starts swerving. Stiles falls on top of the van, but isn’t hurt. After just a few seconds, Scott’s ears are back to normal. (Note: Scott’s reaction to the ears is great.) When they arrive at the party, Stiles rolls off the roof of the van down to his own car. Scott swears he’ll never ‘surf.’

Inside, there are throngs of teenagers breaking legal-age drinking laws and having a great time. Scott makes a beeline to Pamela and asks if she’s looking for anyone in particular. Her brisk reply is, “Not you.” She walks away, but Boof tries to help, telling him, “There you go. She said two words to you.”

Meanwhile…Stiles is dragging in his keg, very proud of himself.

Turns out that there’s about 6 other kegs already, taking the victory out of it for poor ol’ Stiles.

Party games ensue, with Stiles in charge. The game consists of pairing up males and females and asking them to do really, daring things. Pamela looks at the name on her slip of paper and reads, “Scott.” She makes a face and looks at Scott, then it seems that she’s starting to reconsider. Boof looks at her slip of paper. It says “Marcus.” When Stiles calls Boof’s name, she says that she has Scott’s name. Pamela looks at her sharply, in surprise.

Scott and Boof are sent into a closet for one minute. Boof confesses her lie and she and Scott kiss, but she slaps him for getting too rough with his nails. When they’re let out of the closet, Boof walks away, fingering the shredded remains of the back of her blouse. Pamela is having a blast, but when Mick arrives he’s a big party pooper and makes her leave.

Scott drives home, feeling awful. He goes upstairs to the bathroom and proceeds to ‘wolf out’ completely which he finds slightly distressing. His dad comes to the door, demanding that Scott open the door. Scott finally does to find that his father is also wolfed out.

Scott is understandably angry. His dad tells him that he hadn’t told him because that sometimes it skipped a generation and he’d hoped it would pass Scott by. (So, he was gonna wait until Scott had kids and his son or daughter wolfed out? Smart move, Dad.)

Harold tries to talk to Scott about it, but Scott is too upset and locks himself in his room.

The next morning Scott (who’s back to normal) is still upset. His dad tells him that being a werewolf isn’t always a bad thing and that he would have certain powers. Scott is in total denial and doesn’t even want to hear about the positive points. He leaves for school.

At school, as Scott’s getting things out of his locker, Pamela Wells, whose locker is a pretty close by, says hello to him, shocking poor jittery Scott. She tells him that there’s something different about him. He just laughs nervously and Pamela goes on to rehearsal.

In Scott’s classes, the themes tend to center around wolves. One teacher talks about a pair of twins saved by a female wolf. In his next class the teacher discusses Thomas Wolfe.

In math class, Scott is called to the front to do a problem on the board. He starts to wolf out and runs from the room. After running into a kid writing obscenities on one bathroom’s mirrors and doing some pretty cool sliding tricks down a wet hallway, Scott makes it to an empty bathroom. He runs some cold water, splashing his face, trying to calm down.

Vice Principal Thorne comes into the bathroom and demands that Scott shows him his hands, which are still wolfed out. Scott does so, but they’re back to normal now. Thorne, obviously disappointed, asks if Scott has any markers on him. When Scott tells him no, Thorne threatens him, telling him that he’s keeping his eye on him. Scott leaves the bathroom and Thorne finds a large hair in the sink. He stares after Scott suspiciously.

That afternoon, Stiles and Scott go into Stiles’ garage. Stiles is looking for some drugs. Scott tells Stiles that he’s a werewolf and wolfs out to prove it to him. Stiles is stunned but he sees the positive side of things and dubs Scott ‘Teen Wolf.’

Scott goes home to find Boof and his father playing basketball. Scott walks Boof home and questions her about what she and his dad talked about, obviously afraid his dad had told her about his ‘problem.’ He hasn’t, but Boof assures Scott that he can tell her anything. He tells her that he can’t talk to her about what’s bothering him. This upsets her and she walks away, eventually running from him.

At the next basketball game the Beavers are playing a military school. Boof wishes Scott luck before the game. He notices that she’s being rather chummy with Stiles. He also notices that Pamela is there, in the top bleacher. During a foul shot, Scott uses the old redeye trick which helps him make the shot. His friends cheer wildly as everyone looks at them as if they are freaks. They sit back down.

The game continues. Scott gets the ball, but a pileup occurs with Scott on the bottom. A growling is heard and suddenly Scott springs out of the group, completely wolfed out. Thorne freaks, backing away from the court. Coach Finstock looks mildly interested. Boof stands up, totally shocked.

Scott begins dribbling, looking around nervously. Finally, he makes a run for the basket and dunks it. The game finally continues and the coach actually starts to show some enthusiasm. The Beavers win!

After the game, we see Pamela and Mick in what looks like an old time malt shop. The Beavers’ basketball team barges in, carrying Scott, still wolfed out, on their shoulders. Mick sits back, disgusted, but Pamela looks more interested than ever. Everyone questions Scott about his transformation. Pamela rudely pushes her way into the crowd and seats herself next to Scott. Boof isn’t too happy about it and leaves the restaurant.

Musical interlude! At school, Scott’s Joe Cool. Everyone loves him, except Lewis, who seems afraid of him. Oh, and of course Mr. Thorne really hates him now. The basketball games start selling out as the Beavers win more and more games-well, Scott wins the games, showing off and not letting the others have much of a chance at the ball. The cheerleaders create a wolf cheer complete with a wolf head. Kids begin asking for his autograph. Scott’s even doing better in classes. While Stiles is obviously happy with his D-, Scott is getting A’s. (Whether because he’s doing better academically or he’s getting favoritism, I couldn’t tell ya.) Because of Scott’s popularity, Stiles starts a Teen Wolf merchandising line, complete with T-shirts, bumper stickers and banners.

Pamela informs Scott that Mr. Lolley wants him to be in the school play. It’s a small part, written especially for him that won’t interfere with basketball. At rehearsal, Scott proves that being a werewolf certainly can’t help one’s acting skills. After the rehearsal, the slut, um, I mean, Pamela seduces Scott.

Later that night they continue their date at the bowling alley, where Mick happens to be as well. Mick confronts Scott and really ticks him off, calling him and his mother a freak. (As far as we know, his mother wasn’t even a werewolf.) At the end of the date, when Scott’s walking Pamela home, he asks her to the Spring Dance. She tells him no because she’s going to it with Mick, who is still her boyfriend.

Next Scene…Scott meets Stiles outside the school when Stiles drives up in a new van that he got from trading in his Nova and letting the car company paint “Wolfmobile” down the side. Scott is amused, and tells Stiles that they should go pick up Lewis before they do anything. Stiles looks uncomfortable about the subject and Scott asks him if Lewis is scared of him.

Stiles avoids the subject and moves to get on top of the van. Scott pulls him back down, and surfs around town on top of the Wolfmobile, passing by his dad’s hardware store while doing a handstand.

That night, his dad confronts him about how it’s gotten a bit out of hand. Scott admits that he’s still having trouble handling it and that he’s having trouble with his friends and Mr. Thorne. Harold tells Scott that Thorne is a problem because when Harold and Thorne went to school together, Thorne bothered Scott’s mother, wanting to date her as well. One night things got ugly and Harold wolfed out, scaring Thorne so badly he lost control of his bodily functions. Harold tells Scott that he felt just as scared as Thorne, afraid that he might have actually hurt him.

The next morning, Boof walks to school with Scott. He asks her to the dance and she says that she’ll go if Scott takes her, not the wolf. He refuses. “Look, I’ve got to be the wolf. That’s what everyone expects.” Boof won’t be his date, but she’ll still dance with him.

Dance time! Look at those great 80’s styles! Scott makes an entrance. He asks Pamela to save him a dance, and Mick threatens him. Scott waves him off and continues with his entrance. He dances with Boof as the entire student body does this really silly wolf dance like the flock of sheep they are. Lewis even seems to be having a good time with this dance. Midway through the song, Boof pulls Scott out of the gymnasium where the dance is being held. She surprises him with a kiss.

Back inside, Pamela is trying, and succeeding, to make Mick jealous over Scott. Boof’s kiss has transformed the wolf back into Scott and they return to the dance. Mick goes after him and punches him with no provocation. Scott gets kind of ticked off, understandably, wolfs out and goes after Mick.

Everyone starts chanting “Kill! Kill! Kill!”, laughing. Scott stares around at everyone, realizing the danger of the situation. When he sees Lewis’ frightened expression, he runs out of the gymnasium.

On his way out, Thorne stops him and tells him that he’ll never play basketball again because he’s expelling him. With that magic movie timing, Scott’s dad steps out of the shadows and tells Scott to go home. He corners Thorne and tells him to leave Scott alone. He emphasizes his point with a growl which causes Thorne to wet himself yet again.

At play practice, Scott refuses to wolf out, so Mr. Lolley fires him from the part. Scott leaves, willingly.

Scott decides to quit basketball as well because he thinks that he can’t play well unless he’s the wolf. Stiles tries to convince him to stay on the team, as the wolf, but Scott won’t budge.

The big game that everyone is worried about is the Regional Championship Game against Mick’s team, The Dragons. The Beavers are losing and there doesn’t seem to be much hope without the wolf. Scott does finally show, but he refuses to wolf out, which really disappoints the Beaver fans. Scott gives the old cliché pep speech, telling them that they don’t need the wolf. No one really believes him until Chubby actually makes a basket after Mick chides him with, “Shoot it, fat boy.”

From then on the Beavers gain confidence and start kicking butt. (Stiles must be a quick mover, because during the game he seems to keep moving from the middle of the packed bleachers to the sidelines) At the end of the game, the Beavers are only one point behind. Mick fowls Scott, giving him two free throws. Since it would probably ruin the movie if he didn’t, Scott makes both baskets and the Beavers win!!!

Everyone’s ecstatic. Boof moves to go to Scott, but when she sees Pamela going to same way, she holds back. When Pamela gets to Scott, he walks by her and goes to Boof. Mick goes to Pamela, but she tells him to ‘drop dead’ and storms away. Scott and Boof kiss, finally together where they belong.

The End

Wait, did I say The End? I have other goodies. When this film is shown on television, some scenes that were cut for the theatrical release are replaced. These are those scenes:

Before Stiles tries Tony’s Liquor store for this keg of beer for the party he tries a local market. Before he goes in he tells Lewis not to worry about it, that he’d seen this done in a movie. Stiles comes back out with a bag of groceries but no beer. Lewis asks him where the beer is and Stiles’ response is that it didn’t work in the movie either.

Next cut scene: This occurs after Scott has walked Boof halfway home and she has run away from him because he won’t confide in her. On the way back to his house, several dogs begin chasing Scott. His own dog, Daisy, rescues him.

The next cut scene is really a snippet from the “Way to Go” musical interlude. Scott, wolfed out, has his picture taken with the cheerleading squad. Mr. Lolley sees the picture in the school paper and realizes Scott can get more seats filled at the school play.

The next cut sequence is after the dance. Scott waits on the porch for his dad to get home. He tells his dad that he isn’t going to be the wolf anymore because he’s afraid he’ll either hurt or kill someone. His dad assures him that it will never go that far and that in time, he’ll know when and how to use the wolf.

The End (really)

–Brandi M. Mills

All original text © Copyright by Brandi M. Mills