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Read detailed synopses of the projects listed below. This section of the site is a slow-growing one due to the large amount of time required to write up the synopses.

Be warned, the synopses are VERY detailed and are one big spoiler. If you haven’t seen the movie and don’t want anything given away, don’t even think of clicking on those links.

**The synopses for these films were written by Kackie Saunders, Database Guest Writer

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Back to the Future **

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Doc Hollywood

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The Frighteners **

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The Hard Way

Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey

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Interstate 60 **

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Life With Mikey **

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Midnight Madness

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Teen Wolf

Back to the Future

SYNOPSIS BY GUEST WRITER KACKIE L. SAUNDERS Setting: Hill Valley, California; USA The scene opens on a cluttered house with lots and lots of clocks. A TV is on, and the anchorwoman is talking about some missing plutonium that appears to have been stolen. The house’s front door opens , and a young man with …

Doc Hollywood

Doc Hollywood

Setting: Grady, South Carolina The films opens at Washington Presbyterian Hospital in a dark, murky, extremely busy Emergency Room where people are crying for help. Ben Stone, M.D., walks into the scene, dismissing a man who can’t feel his arm. Despite the chaos and confusion, he’s whistling as he rushes through the hallways. After passing …

Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey Poster

Homeward Bound The Incredible Journey

Setting: Sierra Mountains, California; USA The film is narrated by the character of Chance. Chance starts his story by giving the audience a brief history of his life. He was abandoned when he was young and left to live on the streets. This eventually put him behind bars but a family rescued him by adopting …

Interstate 60

Interstate 60

REVIEW BY GUEST WRITER KACKIE L. SAUNDERS SETTING: Interstate 60 A young man named Neil is sitting with one of his friends, asking if he ever noticed that Americans don’t have any legends about people that grant wishes. An older man overhears them talking, and walks to them. He tells them that there is indeed …

Life With Mikey Poster

Life With Mikey

SYNOPSIS BY GUEST WRITER KACKIE L. SAUNDERS Setting: New York City, USA A few kids are auditioning at Chapman and Chapman agency. “When’s Little Mikey getting here?” the kids demand when they’re done auditioning. Ed Chapman shakes his head, really annoyed. “I wish I knew,” he answers. He looks at the secretary, Geena, who’s wearing …

Midnight Madness

Setting: Los Angeles, California, USA, 1980 As the title song plays, we see two young girls, Candy and Sunshine, roller skating around a college campus. They are carrying several brightly colored envelopes, and boy! are they happy. Their first stop is the football field where practice is in session. One of the players (Lavitas) comes …

Teen Wolf Poster (B&W)

Teen Wolf

Setting: Beacon Town, Nebraska; USA The film starts out in the Beacon High School Gymnasium where a basketball game between the Beacon Beavers and The Dragons is taking place. The opening scene sets the stage for the entire film. It tells us that the Beavers are a horrible basketball team, that Mick McAllister, a team …

The Frighteners

REVIEW BY GUEST WRITER KACKIE L. SAUNDERS Setting: Fairwater In a dark house, Patricia Bradley screams and runs from a ghostly form traveling at terrifying speeds through her house. The shape catches up to her, and hidden under a rug, it chokes her. Patricia’s mother emerges from her room with a shotgun, and shoots at …

The Hard Way

Setting: New York City, New York, USA The film opens on a New York City street at night where a street festival is taking place. After a close-up of a statue of George M. Cohan, the camera pans to a huge 3D billboard being built on Times Square. The billboard is for Nick Lang’s newest …