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Teen Wolf & Teen Wolf Too

Teen Wolf & Teen Wolf Too DVD CoverBACK COVER TEXT

“A charmingly original comedy! Good fun for all!” – Judith Crist
Teen Wolf: What’s a high school kid got to do to be popular? Just let down his hair and howl! Starring Michael J. Fox (Back to the Future), Teen Wolf is an outrageous comedy about a shy teenager with more than a changing voice to contend with…he’s a budding young werewolf! And when his new-found powers help him score at basketball – and with the popular girls – he has some pretty hairy decisions to make.

He’s off to college and ready for a howling good time!
Teen Wolf Too: Meet a college freshman who’s having trouble fitting into his “genes” – family ones, that is – when he finds out his uncle and cousin are werewolves…and so is he! Now the clean-cut science student is the star of the boxing team with a hair-raising right hook and an animal attraction to his curvy coeds. Starring Jason Bateman (Necessary Roughness), this four-fang film is sure to bring out the party animal in everyone!


Teen Wolf & Teen Wolf Too DVD Back CoverGENERAL DISC INFORMATION

CASE TYPE :: Amray
RUNNING TIME :: Teen Wolf: 1 hour 32 minutes / Teen Wolf Too: 1 hour 34 minutes
ASPECT RATIO :: 1:85:1 – Anamorphic Widescreen
SOUND MIX :: Teen Wolf: Mono / Teen Wolf Too: Stereo Surround
CAPTIONS/SUB-TITLES :: English, French and Spanish
MENUS :: Film stills






My first impression of this disc makes a pretty easy review: Good print, nothing else!

But, I guess I should say something more than that, shouldn’t I?

Teen Wolf
I’ve been watching my VHS tape since 1986 and it’s gotten rather worn out. Seeing a new, fresh, non-worn out print on this DVD was very nice. The print isn’t flawless and crystal clear, but it is certainly better than the VHS print. Also, one has to take into consideration that the original film probably wasn’t crystal clear itself.

The only special feature that was included for this film was the Original Theatrical Trailer. I was glad to see that they actually took the time to find the real trailer and didn’t settle for a cheesy VHS trailer. I hadn’t seen the original trailer since it was in theaters seventeen years ago.

I was disappointed, however, that the deleted scenes were not included on this disc. These should have been pretty easy to come by, since they are always re-inserted when the film is shown on television. (See my Teen Wolf detailed plot synopsis for descriptions of these deleted scenes.)

Overall, I’m happy with this DVD. It’s a nice print that’s never going to wear out on me.

Teen Wolf Too
No offense to Jason Bateman or his dad (he produced the film), but I never quite warmed up to Teen Wolf Too as much as I did Teen Wolf. Probably for the obvious reason – Michael J. Fox wasn’t in it.

Watching the film again, though, shows me that the absence of Michael J. Fox is not the only reason to not like this film very much. First of all, this may technically be a sequel, but it really feels like a remake set in college with a cousin playing the lead role instead of our hero.

Second: The make-up is even worse than the make-up in the first film, which wasn’t ground-breaking to begin with. In Teen Wolf, the make-up looked much more ‘natural’ than the make-up in Teen Wolf Too. When I watch Teen Wolf Too, I think ‘plastic mask.’

Third: Who is that freak playing Stiles? I mean, come on! If the original actor wasn’t available, don’t even use Stiles. One of the best things about the original Teen Wolf was Stiles. He was a shameless, self-absorbed jerk and you loved him for it. This ‘new’ Stiles is just annoying.

As a completest collector, I guess I’m happy that they included Teen Wolf Too on the disc. It saves me from having to pay extra for it on a separate DVD and feeling really silly, that’s for sure. But if it came down to more special features for Teen Wolf and not Teen Wolf Too at all…well, I think you know which one I would choose.

And along that vein, I must point out that I think MGM really missed a great opportunity here. From my experience running this site and my own observations growing up in the 1980’s, this film holds a special place in a lot of 80’s childrens’ hearts. They should have followed the example of Atlantic, who originally released Teen Wolf to theaters: Ride Back to the Future‘s coat-tails. Teen Wolf was filmed and finished first, but someone was using their head and released it after Back to the Future, ensuring its success. It worked.

If MGM had made a bit more effort and made a special edition Teen Wolf disc and released it close to the release of the Back to the Future DVDs (December 17th), they might have repeated history and raked in the bucks.

Oh well. No one ever said executives were inundated with common sense.



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