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Homeward Bound The Incredible Journey

Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey DVD CoverBACK COVER TEXT

“Two thumbs up!” – Siskel & Ebert

This thrilling and thoroughly captivating theatrical hit from Disney has become an instant favorite with audiences of all ages. You’ll lose your heart to Chance, a fun-loving American bulldog pup; Sassy, a hilarious Himalayan cat who lives up to her name; and Shadow, a wise old golden retriever – all of whom express themselves with very familiar human voices!

The adventure begins when the loving owners of these irresistible pets are forced to leave them in the temporary care of a friend who lives hundreds of miles away. But after several days, the worried animals begin to think their family must be in trouble, so they decide to head for home. On their incredible journey across the ruggedly beautiful Sierras, they encounter unexpected surprises from man, beast and nature alike. It’s an unforgettable story of love, courage and devotion that will delight and inspire generations to come!

“A lot of fun, a lot of joy!” – CBS This Morning


Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey DVD Back CoverGENERAL DISC INFORMATION

DISTRIBUTOR :: Disney Home Video
CASE TYPE :: Amray
BOOKLET :: 1 page flyer with chaper listings
RUNNING TIME :: 1 hour 24 minutes
ASPECT RATIO :: Standard (grrr)
SOUND MIX :: Dolby Digital; Dolby Surround Sound
SPOKEN LANGUAGES :: English, French and Spanish
MENUS :: Film Stills



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Another early DVD that suffers from the evils of Pan & Scanning. However, since this is from Disney, I’m sure it will be re-released on one of it’s future anniversaries in a deluxe special edition package.

I just wish they would do it right now.

Although often ridiculed for it, this is my second favorite Michael J. Fox movie. Sure, he doesn’t even appear in the film, but it’s honestly one of my favorite Michael J. Fox performances. And I just love a good talkin’ dog movie.

The DVD itself is okay, considering that it was one of the earlier Disney discs. The print is very good, although not in the ‘excellent’ category and the sound is also quite adequate, which is nice considering that the score to the film (by Bruce Broughton) is one of it’s best features.

This movie is not for everyone, but if it’s for you, I do recommend this DVD. It’s not one of Disney’s more expensive discs and it will never wear out, like my poor VHS tape did after about the 50th viewing. 😉

Dogs rule and cats drool.