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Bright Lights, Big City

Bright Lights, Big City DVD CoverBACK COVER TEXT

Michael J. Fox (“Spin City”, Back to the Future) just “couldn’t be better” (L.A. Daily News) in this “Wildly effective [and] truly powerful picture” (David Sheehan, NBC-TV)! Co-starring Kiefer Sutherland, Phoebe Cates, Dianne Wiest and Swoosie Kurtz, and featuring a pulsating soundtrack from New Order, Depeche Mode and Prince, this “chronicle of wasted days and misplaced nights” (Roger Ebert) is a must-see!

Jamie Conway (Fox) is an aspiring writer who trades the wheat fields of Kansas for the imposing skyline of Manhattan-and the seductive party culture hidden within. When Jamie hits the club scene to enliven his nights and deaden his pain, he takes it to the limit…until the limit threatens to take away everything and everyone he’s ever loved.



DISTRIBUTOR :: MGM Home Entertainment
CASE TYPE :: Amray
RUNNING TIME :: 1 hour 48 minutes
Bright Lights, Big City DVD Back CoverASPECT RATIO :: Standard (grrr)
SOUND MIX :: Stereo Surround
SPOKEN LANGUAGES :: English, French and Spanish (mono)
CAPTIONS/SUB-TITLES :: English, French and Spanish
MENUS :: Extremely Simple
NAVIGATION :: Simple and Very Easy
PICTURE QUALITY :: A small amount of grain, but no break-ups in the blacks






Bright Lights, Big City is one of those ’80’s films that many people tend to forget about, or want to forget about. However, it’s a great little time capsule of the desperate side of the high-life and showed audiences that Michael J. Fox could be someone other than Alex P. Keaton. Too bad no one really wanted him to be.

This DVD is extremely skimpy in the area of extra features, but does at least include the theatrical trailer.

The print is quite passable, although a little grain shows in places. This film is quite dark in places, and it was good to see that there were no compression artifacts that often occur in black areas on some DVDs.

My main concern about this release is that it is ‘standard.’ It is unclear if the disc is pan & scan, or if it MGM refrained from matting the film correctly. In the end, it’s not shown as intended by the director, and that will always irk me.

I don’t expect any future releases of this film since it was never a favorite of fans or many critics, so I suppose we’ll have to settle for this release the way it is.

NOTE: A newer, properly formatted version of the movie has been released on DVD.