Robin Williams

1408057256_robin-williams-michael-fox-articleBy now everyone has most likely heard/read that Robin Williams has died. Over the past few days we have also learned that he committed suicide and that he was struggling with the early stages of Parkinson’s Disease.

Read the Daily and Sunday Express Article for more details and Michael J. Fox’s reaction.

The public at large has taken Mr. Williams’ death pretty hard and I am certainly a part of that public. I was a child when “Mork & Mindy” first aired and I even had a pair of the rainbow suspenders he made famous at the time. I grew up enjoying (most of) Mr. Williams’ performances and even when he got off track and seemed a bit out of control, he never failed to make me laugh.

I’ve been reading a lot of comedians calling him ‘The King’ of comedy and Neil McDonald refers to him as “the funniest man in the world” and I can’t say that they’re wrong. Groucho Marx is right up there on the list but Robin never seemed to ‘turn off’ when in the public eye.

His death is a great loss but even worse is the fact that he was struggling with something so troubling that he became overwhelmed and couldn’t handle it any longer. Suffering from depression myself I can empathize and hope that if there is something after death, he’s finally at peace. And if there is something after this life, I’m pretty certain that there are a lot more laughs being had.

MJF’s Birthday

I have seen a few sites reporting that Michael J. Fox’s birthday was yesterday, June 5th. I just wanted to let you know that that is the incorrect date. Michael J. Fox’s birthday is June 9th, which is this coming Monday.

MJF to Speak at Florida Forum to Benefit Wolfson Children’s Hospital

Actor Michael J. Fox will open Wolfson Children’s Hospital’s 2014-2015 Florida Forum speaker series when he talks in October about his life as an actor before and after being diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease.


MJF to Return to “The Good Wife” in Season 6

Unreality Primetime is reporting that Michael J. Fox will be returning to “The Good Wife” in season 6, although it is not known in how many episodes he will appear.

Fun with ‘Fun Facts’

Michael J. Fox talked with David Letterman about E!’s Golden Globe gaffe when he appeared on the Late Show recently. See it below:


“The Good Wife” Preview Images

Louis Canning has joined the team! Visit for more preview images

Louis Canning joins the firm

Louis Canning joins the firm

“The Good Wife” News

Spoilers ahead. If you haven’t seen the most recent episode of “The Good Wife” you may want to stop reading.


Okay, if you care about spoilers you should be gone now.

Rumors are circulating that MJF may have a bigger role than usual on “The Good Wife” as his character may be hired to replace the character of Will, who died in the most recent episode of the series.

More details (and more spoilers) here.


MJF Talks about “The MJF Show”

michael_j_fox_hargrave_a_l“I love this show and I love the people that I work with, and I’d love to continue on with it if that’s what happens. I have a feeling of accomplishment, of camaraderie and of affirmation. The hardest thing about doing something is getting started, and once you get started, it gets a life of its own, and you just ride it and see where it takes you. We just have to see where this takes us. But I don’t think this journey is finished. I think these episodes, if they’re put in a more advantageous spot on the schedule, can attract an audience and keep it.” – Michael J. Fox

Read the entire Hollywood Reporter article here.

More on “The Good Wife”

Michael J. Fox will also reprise his role for multiple episodes. According to TVLine, the actor has closed a deal with CBS to reprise his role as Alicia’s legal rival, Louis Canning, for multiple episodes at the end of this season.

Rumors of Fox’s potential return surfaced at the Television Critics Association winter press tour. At the tour, Robert King said, “We’re trying to make that work. Because he finished filming [The Michael J. Fox Show], so it looks like we’re going to get a chance to get him back.”

Read the entire article about the remaining episodes of this season’s “The Good Wife” here.

Nike Power Laces Coming in 2015

I’m a little late to report this, so go here for all the details.

I just wonder if this is going to be available to everyone or just as a special fundraiser like the last set of BTTFII Nike shoes.