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The American President coming to Blu-ray

The American President Blu-ray

The American President, starting Michael Douglas, Annette Bening (and Michael J. Fox, of course) is coming to blu-ray September 25, 2012. Pre-order yours today.   [amazon_search design=”2″ width=”256″ market_place=”US” color_theme=”Default” default_search_term=”The American President” search_index=”DVD” columns=”1″ rows=”3″ outer_background_color=”#000000″ inner_background_color=”” background_color=”” border_color=”” header_text_color=”#FFFFFF” linked_text_color=”” body_text_color=”” shuffle_products=”False” show_image=”True” show_price=”True” show_rating=”True” rounded_corners=”False”/]

“Curb Your Enthusiasm” Season 8 DVDs

Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 8 DVD Cover

Season eight of “Curb Your Enthusiasm” was released yesterday (June 5, 2012) to DVD. The epic battle between Larry David and Michael J. Fox appears on this 10 episode set and is a must for any Michael J. Fox fan. [amazon_search design=”2″ width=”225″ market_place=”US” color_theme=”Default” default_search_term=”Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 8″ search_index=”DVD” columns=”1″ rows=”1″ outer_background_color=”#000000″ inner_background_color=”” …

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The Frighteners Blu-ray review

Detailed review found here.

Reminder: Blu-ray release

The Frighteners on Blu-ray

The Frighteners Blu-ray Cover

According to High Def Disc News, The Frighteners is scheduled to be released to Blu-ray on September 13, 2011. It will include both the theatrical and director’s cut of the film but it is uncertain whether it will include all the bonus features from the awesome 2-disc special edition DVD release. You can pre-order the …

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Stuart Little & Stuart Little 2 Blu-ray

Stuart Little and Stuart Little 2 are scheduled to be released to Blu-ray on June 28, 2011.

Family Ties on Netflix Streaming

I’ve made a point of checking once a week or so (although I think I forgot last week) and Netflix has finally added Family Ties to Netflix streaming. This includes all 7 seasons, meaning that the two seasons still not available on DVD are now available for streaming.   11/27/17: Family Ties has been removed …

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Spin City Season 5 on DVD

TV Shows on DVD has announced that Spin City Season 5 will be released to DVD on August 16th, 2011. This is the season when Charlie Sheen joined the program but Michael J. Fox still produced and appeared in a few episodes. [SOURCE]

Teen Wolf Blu-Ray Review

Brian at Moviehole posts an informative and entertaining review of the Teen Wolf Blu-Ray Excerpt: “Teen Wolf” is an amusing movie, most confident when depicting Scott taking advantage of his wolf power, finding his life elevated by the miracle fur. Expectedly, the script attempts to ground the picture in sincerity for the final act, but …

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Reminder: Teen Wolf on Blu Ray

The Teen Wolf blu ray is out today in the USA – and it looks like this is indeed the cover art. Yuck. Purchase Teen Wolf [Blu-ray] from Amazon