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News and Information about updates made to the Michael J. Fox Database

Movie Pages Formatted

It’s taken way too long, but the Motion Picture pages have all finally been reformatted.

New Pages on the Site

The site seems to be behaving much better today – knock on wood, keeping my fingers crossed, throwing salt over my shoulder – and I’ve been able to get some work done. Four new pages have been added to the site. Don’t Ask Me, Ask God Back to the Future: The Video Game – Episode …

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New Video and Site Issues

A new video has been added to the Videos page. It’s from MJF’s appearance on the David Letterman show to promote For Love or Money. The MJFDB is continuing to experience technical issues. I have been working with my hosting company to fix whatever is causing the extremely slow load times and page failures but …

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Renovation Done

[notice]Renovation step one is complete![/notice] There are plenty of things for me to tweak and clean up, but for the most part the template switch is finished. What do you think?

Under Renovation (Again)

If you do not succeed, try again – that’s what ‘they’ say, right? Well, I’m trying again – this time with a different (and I think better) theme. Pardon any quirkiness of the site for the next hour or so.

Galleries Restored

The Picture Galleries have been restored to the site. Enjoy!

Site Issues Resolved

The issues with the site were being caused by the Theme I was trying to convert to. Unfortunately, I could not figure out what was wrong so I have gone back to the original template. I apologize for the slowness of the site over the past few days and hope that things will now go …

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Site Issues

Currently, the site is having some major issues with load time and Internal Service Error. I think I have it narrowed down to the plugin I use for the Picture Gallery – which means I’m going to have to deactivate it and access to the Gallery will be cut off. I will work to restore …

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** Renovation Complete **

The renovation of the site is complete. Hopefully you will find it more aesthetically pleasing and easy to use. A few tweaks in regards to page layout need to be done and should be finished¬† by the weekend. Let me know how you like it! (or don’t)

** Under Renovation **

For the next few hours The MJFDB will be under reconstruction. If things look wonky, just bear with me. It should be done by midnight Eastern time. Hopefully, any annoyance will be worth it.