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My favorite moment from “Bed Bugs”

Eve's Umbrella from "Bed Bugs" episode of "The Michael J. Fox Show"

Untitled Sitcom Pictures

Pictures from MJF’s new, still-untitled (and yes, I find it very annoying that it still doesn’t have a name) sit-com have been surfacing around the web. Here’s a collection of some I’ve found:

Happy Halloween from the MJFDB

Another Great MJF Picture Tumblr

If you can’t get enough MJF Pics and animated .gifs, check out Michael J. Fox Forever.

Art Submission: Hope

A second art submission in one week! Hope sends in another collage. Enjoy!  

New “The Good Wife” Pictures

Pictures from MJF’s most recent appearance on “The Good Wife” have been added to the gallery.

Art Submission: Trisha

MJFDB reader Trisha submitted the following Michael J. Fox collage to the site. Great work, Trisha! (Click the image to embiggen.)

Pets for Parkinson’s

Enter a picture of your pet to win a signed copy of “Always Looking Up” or other Team Fox prizes.

MJFDB Picture Gallery

I am currently in the process of moving the external picture gallery to the main site. Most of the pictures have been moved – the only sections left to move are the Motion Picture Appearances gallery and the Related gallery. Be sure to check out the new gallery layout and let me know what you …

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MJF Helps Raise Funds for the MJF Theatre

MJF at MJF Theatre, June 3, 2011

Michael J. Fox helped raise funds for his namesake theatre this past weekend. Excerpt: Michael J. Fox turns 50 on June 9, but that didn’t stop all his friends and family from wishing him a happy birthday at last Friday’s 12th annual Michael J. Fox Golf Tournament. Fox was in town for the tourney that …

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