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Eric Stoltz Photos from BTTF

Eric Stoltz and Lea Thompson

Ain’t it Cool News has a couple of ‘new’ behind the scenes photos of Eric Stoltz as Marty McFly in Back to the Future. Check ’em out!

Why There Will Never Be a BTTF Part 4

Moviehole reporter “Caffeinated” Clint writes about why there will never be a Back to the Future Part 4. Excerpt: In short, the Michael J.Fox-less ”Back to the Future 4” we’re all dreading will never happen. This isn’t so much a scoop as it is an assurance. Here’s the latest update and it’s nothing new : …

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Hipster McFly

Hipster Marty McFly  

A Treat for New Bern, NC

Do you live in or near New Bern, North Carolina? Then get thee to the New Bern Civic Theatre tomorrow night! The theatre will be screening the original Back to the Future. Visit the official site for more details.

Back to the Future Storybook

Check out the Back to the Future storybook over at Vinnie Rattolle’s.

80’s Flashback: Teen Wolf Animated Series

Teen Wolf Cartoon Ad

The new MTV “Teen Wolf” television series is about to start but it isn’t the first series to be based on the original film (if you can consider the new series to have anything to do with the film aside from the title). During the 1986-1987 season, ABC ran the animated series “Teen Wolf” based …

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Dark Secrets of ‘Back to the Future’

Warning: A sense of humor is required, otherwise, you’re just going to be offended. Why ‘Back to the Future’ Is Secretly Horrifying — powered by

Tribute to Fictional Bands

This tribute to fictional bands includes our very own Pinheads

Back to the Future Blu-Ray Review

Two weeks ago the Back to the Future trilogy was released to Blu-Ray. I was skeptical about this release, wondering if purchasing the trilogy again would be worth it. It was. My husband and I sat down and watched all three back to back and enjoyed the hell out of all three. I even came …

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Entertainment Weekly ‘Reunions’

Entertainment Weekly Reunions

Entertainment Weekly’s first-ever Reunions issue features Michael J. Fox and Lea Thompson from Back to the Future (I, II and III). [FULL STORY]