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Palmerstown U.S.A. Titles

This video was brought to my attention thanks to @BriniMaxwell on Twitter. There are several other show openings included in this clip, and “Palmerstown U.S.A.” starts at 6:25. It’s too bad that this show isn’t available on any home video format. I know that The Disney Channel re-aired it back in the 1980’s but I …

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“Family Ties” Board Game

"Family Ties" Board Game

Are you a “Family Ties” fanatic? If so, check out the “Family Ties” board game, for sale here on the Etsy site. I’m super glad they didn’t forget to include Skippy. 🙂

Don’t Blink or You’ll Miss Him

Below is a promotional video for the 1983 NBC fall season. Back when there were only three networks, the new Fall season was an event for television lovers. These promos were often better than the shows they were promoting and I loved that they included  everything in there – the hard hitting dramas, quirky sit-coms …

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Calling all Raleigh, NC Residents (aged over 18)

Cinema Overdrive, which screens cult, exploitation and gonzo action films every month, is screening Class of 1984 tonight at 8:00. For more details, visit the official site.

Blast from the Past: “Lou Grant: Kids”

In 1978 Michael J. Fox appeared on an episode of the television series “Lou Grant” titled “Kids.” Hulu has the entire episode available to view for free. Check out this MJF blast from the past!

New Video and Site Issues

A new video has been added to the Videos page. It’s from MJF’s appearance on the David Letterman show to promote For Love or Money. The MJFDB is continuing to experience technical issues. I have been working with my hosting company to fix whatever is causing the extremely slow load times and page failures but …

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How Doc and Marty Met

Bob Gale dropped in on Mental Floss and gave the scoop on how Doc Brown and Marty McFly (Back to the Future – as if I have to tell this crowd who they are) met and became buds. Check it out for all the details!

Leo and Me

Recently, an entry was made to the CBC official website blog about Michael J. Fox and his work on “Leo and Me.” Check it out.

EW Reunions Video

This is an older video – from October of last year – but I realized I never posted it here. Here is the Back to the Future Reunion 2010 Video

Hana Hou Picture Show

If you’re lucky enough to live in Hawaii, well, I ENVY YOU. Ahem. Like I was saying, if you live in Hawaii be sure to check out the Hana Hou Picture Show which will showcase the film Back to the Future. I wish there were a theater like this close to where I live.