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I just looked up Michael J. Fox on the Internet Movie Database and this is what I saw when I clicked over to his page:

“The Michael J. Fox Show” Sneak Peek

One of the things I most look forward to with MJF’s new show is the episode in which Tracy Pollan (his real-life wife) appears. I have always enjoyed their on-screen chemistry and although they won’t be playing a couple in this new show, it’s obvious that the sparks still fly from this little preview clip.

More Casting News for “The MJF Show”

Charles Grodin and Candice Bergen have been cast to play Michael J. Fox’s TV parents on the upcoming new sit-com “The Michael J. Fox Show.” Both are veteran performers who have been around since the late 1950s and late 1960s respectively. The casting is currently for a guest spot but could lead to recurring appearances …

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Pilot Preview: “The MJF Show” has a nice preview of “The Michael J. Fox Show.” Check it out!

First Look at “The Michael J. Fox Show”

MJF Talks About “The MJF Show”

Michael J. Fox addressed ‘making light’ of Parkinson’s on his new show “The Michael J. Fox” show this past weekend at the NBC Universal Press tour. Visit the TribLive website for more details.

Chris Christie to appear on “The MJF Show”

“The Huffington Post can exclusively reveal that the New Jersey politician [Chris Christie] will appear as himself on a fall episode of NBC’s new comedy “The Michael J. Fox Show,” which premieres on September 26. Though Governor Christie has previously made appearances on various late-night TV programs, including a memorable stint on “Saturday Night Live,” …

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Anne Heche to appear on “The MJF Show”

Anne Heche has been signed to appear in several episodes of the new “The MJF Show” during the 2013-2014 season. Heche will play Susan Rodriguez-Jones, the new anchor at the New York NBC affiliate where Fox’s character, Mike, returns to work after taking a five-year break to battle Parkinson’s. The character is described as “sharp, …

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New Trailer for Drew the Man Behind the Poster

Still no release date, but here’s the trailer:

“The MJF Show” Has a Premiere Date!

“The Michael J. Fox Show” is set to premiere on Thursday, September 26th at 9|8c with two back-to-back episodes.