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Happy Birthday to MJF!

Happy 54th birthday, Mr. Fox!

Nike Power Laces Coming in 2015

I’m a little late to report this, so go here for all the details. I just wonder if this is going to be available to everyone or just as a special fundraiser like the last set of BTTFII Nike shoes.

MJF References in Radio Shack Commercial

Radio Shack’s ‘The 80’s want their store back’ commercial iss great fun for children of the 80’s (of which I am one.) It includes two Michael J. Fox references – a Teen Wolf (they even got the jersey number right) and a DeLorean. Watch it below:

Back to the Future the Musical

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of Back to the Future, Robert Zemeckis, Bob Gale and Jamie Lloyd along with composer Alan Silvestri will be writing a musical version of the celebrated film. The book will be by Zemeckis, Gale and Lloyd with Silvestri providing the music. The musical will premiere in London in 2015 with …

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Another Great MJF Picture Tumblr

If you can’t get enough MJF Pics and animated .gifs, check out Michael J. Fox Forever.

BTTF/Dr. Who T-shirt – Limited Time!

Biff has the Police Box

Tee Fury is offering t-shirts with the below image for a limited time. If you want one, go get it now!

MJF-Related: Don’t Call Him Chicken

Feel Afraid Comic for January 17, 2011


Good timing, Archie…

It’s a good thing Archie just got back from his trip to 2015… Yeah, okay, lame joke but I couldn’t resist. Image found at Betty and Veronica Fashions

Non-MJF items, but related

Today’s post is about MJF-project spin-offs. First up – the eight best songs from the Bright Lights, Big City musical. What, you didn’t know it had been turned into a musical? Well, now you do. Next up is the “Family Ties” spin-off, “The Art of Being Nick.” It’s on YouTube and you can watch the …

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It’s all Marty’s fault…

A comic written in 2003 about a young man’s decision to try Marty McFly’s trick of holding onto cars while skateboarding. Check it out.