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So, for the past few days Michael J. Fox has been trending on Twitter. Not to worry, he hasn’t died or been hospitalized, etc. Turns out that it’s the fault of some in-poor-taste Twitter bots automatically tweeting terrible jokes about MJF. Visit this site to read in more detail. Warning: There are some mean-spirited jokes …

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Robin Williams

By now everyone has most likely heard/read that Robin Williams has died. Over the past few days we have also learned that he committed suicide and that he was struggling with the early stages of Parkinson’s Disease. Read the Daily and Sunday Express Article for more details and Michael J. Fox’s reaction. The public at …

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MJF’s Birthday

I have seen a few sites reporting that Michael J. Fox’s birthday was yesterday, June 5th. I just wanted to let you know that that is the incorrect date. Michael J. Fox’s birthday is June 9th, which is this coming Monday.

How “The MJF Show” is a success

I just found an article explaining what one viewer in particular – and I’m guessing many viewers dealing with debilitating disease – liked about “The Michael J. Fox Show”: It’s ability to humanize disease. Shawn P. Sullivan at writes about his thoughts on the show. Be sure to check it out.

Further thoughts on “The MJF Show”

As I have written in the past, I haven’t been the biggest fan of the new MJF show. While some of the dialogue and nearly all of the acting is great, the plot lines, a few of the characters and the comedic situations have left much to be desired. One of my biggest problems so …

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Funny or Die MJF Tribute

Funny or Die lists their top 7 Under-appreciated MJF Television moments. Check it out.  

Speaking of Twitter…

In case you didn’t know, MJF live-tweets all of the “The Michael J. Fox Show” episodes as they air. At least, he has up to this point. 🙂 Follow MJF on Twitter. He compliments his wife a lot. He’s not stupid.

The Three Roles of MJF

Joe Nocera of The New York times has written an op-ed piece about Michael J. Fox and his three major roles in society today. Check it out.

MJF on “The MJF Show”

Assignment X has a short interview with Michael J. Fox about “The Michael J. Fox Show.” Check it out!

Tracy Pollan to Guest Star on “The MJF Show”

Tracy Pollan

It has been announced that Tracy Pollan will appear in the third episode of the upcoming “The Michael J. Fox Show.” It was also announced that we will also be seeing other cast members of “Family Ties.” Cool. For more information, visit the Zap2It site.

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