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Reviews and comments about MJF-related DVDs and Blu-Rays

“Curb Your Enthusiasm” season 8 DVD Review

Cine-View has their DVD review of the 8th season of “Curb Your Enthusiasm.” Check it out!

More Teen Wolf Blu Ray Reviews

Big Picture, Big Sound review excerpt: Teen Wolf has to be one of only a handful of Blu-ray transfers that I’ve watched in the past few years that looks almost identical to the original DVD release. MGM has retained the original theatrical aspect ratio of 1.85:1, but the 1080p MPEG-4 AVC encoded transfer has no …

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Teen Wolf Blu-Ray ‘Review’

This isn’t much of a review but it should give you an idea of what the Blu Ray has to offer. I have yet to purchase this because of the lack of special features and the fact that it doesn’t sound like the print is any better than the DVD release. EXCERPT from Screen Junkies …

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Back to the Future Blu-Ray Review

Two weeks ago the Back to the Future trilogy was released to Blu-Ray. I was skeptical about this release, wondering if purchasing the trilogy again would be worth it. It was. My husband and I sat down and watched all three back to back and enjoyed the hell out of all three. I even came …

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MJF News Update

Michael J. Fox will be participating in the Outback Steakhouse Pro-Am 2009 tournament. Since I am sports-ignorant, I have no idea what sport this is and the article does not say. Nice to know that news organizations know how to reports the news, eh? Another Family Ties Season 5 DVD Review.

Advance Review: Family Ties Season 5 on DVD

Hey, he is kinda cute

This coming Tuesday, March 10, Family Ties Season 5 will hit the store shelves. I was fortunate enough to receive a review copy. STORIES AND CHARACTERS First of all I have to assure you that season 5 is an improvement over season 4. Season 4 was the first season after Michael J. Fox’s double-triumph with …

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It's all about People

Lot of news this week about MJF’s appearance in People ten years after announcing his Parkinson’s affliction in the same publication. I have my own copy but have yet had time to actually sit and read the darn thing. In the meantime, here’s what others are saying about it: Fox says future is bright, life …

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More catch-up

I hope all of you from the USA had a good Thanksgiving – and all you Canadians had a good one last month. Here’s some MJF news to round out your weekend. Tracy Pollan to appear on Medium – Tracy Pollan will appear in a three-episode story arc on the television series Medium. Taking Science …

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Advance DVD Review: Family Ties, Season 3

Perfect chemistry

The Keaton Count Climbs Season Three of Family Ties begins where we left off with the Keaton Clan – almost literally. An episode filmed and scheduled for Season Two, but which had been preempted, starts off the season with one of the weaker scripts from the second season. Fortunately, it’s all uphill from Atlantic City. …

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Advance DVD Review: Family Ties – Season 2

I am a genius

Paramount continues to release season sets of one of the seminal 1980’s family sitcoms and this time, they get it right. While the stories in the first season of Family Ties were typical sitcom fare, and often hokey, it introduced us to the now iconic Keaton clan comprised of the liberal ‘flower children’ parents, Steven …

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