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Do you ‘trust’ Michael J. Fox?

Oh, Uncle Ned.....

Forbes magazine has once again released its list of the Most Trustworthy celebrities. Michael J. Fox has been on this list many times and this year he comes in at number four behind Tom Hanks, Carol Burnett and Betty White. I don’t know about this list. I mean, did anyone answering the poll see this?

How “The MJF Show” is a success

I just found an article explaining what one viewer in particular – and I’m guessing many viewers dealing with debilitating disease – liked about “The Michael J. Fox Show”: It’s ability to humanize disease. Shawn P. Sullivan at writes about his thoughts on the show. Be sure to check it out.

“The Michael J. Fox Show” May not be cancelled!

Reports of the death of “The Michael J. Fox Show” were apparently exaggerated. It is true that the show has been temporarily placed on hold for a while but it has been reported that NBC is looking for a new time slot for the last 7 episodes after April. These last 7 episodes will also …

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MJF Returns to “The Good Wife”

Michael J. Fox’s sitcom just got the ax, but he won’t have much time to mourn. TV Line reports that Fox will return to “The Good Wife” for a story arc in Season 5 that will develop throughout “multiple episodes.” Fox plays Louis Canning, a slimy lawyer who constantly goes up against Alicia (Julianna Marguiles), and we’re sure …

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“The Michael J. Fox Show” :: Cancelled

Hollywood Reporter is reporting that due to its low ratings “The Michael J. Fox Show” has been cancelled. The remaining seven episodes that have not yet aired have been pulled from the schedule and replaced with something called “Hollywood Game Night.” Is this yet another reality show? *sigh* It is unclear what will happen with …

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MJF References in Radio Shack Commercial

Radio Shack’s ‘The 80’s want their store back’ commercial iss great fun for children of the 80’s (of which I am one.) It includes two Michael J. Fox references – a Teen Wolf (they even got the jersey number right) and a DeLorean. Watch it below:

Back to the Future the Musical

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of Back to the Future, Robert Zemeckis, Bob Gale and Jamie Lloyd along with composer Alan Silvestri will be writing a musical version of the celebrated film. The book will be by Zemeckis, Gale and Lloyd with Silvestri providing the music. The musical will premiere in London in 2015 with …

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New Time Slot for “The MJF Show”

Next week be sure to tune in a half hour earlier than usual for “The Michael J. Fox Show” (assuming you’re one of the few still watching.) NBC is swapping the normal time slot with “Sean Saves the World.” “The MJF Show” will air at 9:00 EST. This is probably an attempt to boost ratings …

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Golden Globe Excitement

2014 Golden Globes 'Fun' Fact

The Golden Globes were certainly…interesting. Michael J. Fox did not win the statuette for lead actor in a comedy series (that went to Andy Samberg) but Michael J. Fox still got a lot of attention. E! Entertainment news ran the ‘Fun’ fact that Michael J. Fox was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in 1991 and a …

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Golden Globe Nominations

It’s that time of year again and if Michael J. Fox is on TV you know he’s gonna be nominated for a Golden Globe. (As it should be 😉 ). Best Actor in a TV Series Comedy Nominees: Jason Bateman for Arrested Development Don Cheadle for House of Lies Michael J. Fox for The Michael …

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