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Lucky Man: A Memoir (2002)

Lucky Man Front Cover

Lucky Man Front Cover


PUBLISHER :: Hyperion
U.S. RELEASE DATE :: April 2, 2002
NUMBER OF PAGES :: 288 (Hard Cover)
ISBN NUMBER :: 0786867647
–Hardcover (1st)
–Hardcover: Large Print
–Paper Back
–Audio Cassette: Abridged
–Audio Cassette: Unabridged
–Audio CD: Abridged
–Audio CD: Unabridged
–Digital: Download for Adobe Reader
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–Digital: Kindle
BACK COVER TEXT: “The ten years since my diagnosis have been the best ten years of my life, and I consider myself a lucky man.”

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When you’ve grown up admiring someone from afar, picking up and reading any biography about that person can make you leery. What if it says something you just didn’t want to know? What if you find out that person you admire is really an ass who doesn’t deserve the praise and adoration that they’ve received?

Lucky Man Back Cover

Lucky Man Back Cover

I felt that way when I first obtained Lucky Man: A Memoir. Yes, it was an AUTO-biography, rather than a biography, meaning that the subject could write whatever he wished about himself. However, if anything I had read about Michael J. Fox in the past was true, I knew his tendency to speak plainly and truthfully.

In Lucky Man: A Memoir, Michael J. Fox does just that and some parts are hard to read. It’s not easy to read about someone you admire waking up on his couch after a bender to find his wife looking at him with pity and utter boredom.

After reading this book, however, I found that I have good reason to keep on admiring this man and those reasons are much more substantive than his acting ability or charming demeanor. I found that I can now admire him for his willingness to be honest about his shortcomings, and for his bravery in facing his affliction in such a positive light as well as his acting talent with which he has been charming us all for decades.