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Television Films

The following is a complete listing of films made for television in which Michael J. Fox appeared in order of air date.

Letters From Frank

BRIEF PLOT DESCRIPTION After a forced retirement, Frank and his wife must find ways to fill their time. ——————————————————————————– GENERAL FILM INFORMATION GENRE: Drama SETTING: Various Locations STATION: CBS AIR DATE: November 22, 1979 RUNNING TIME: 100 Minutes; 1 hour 40 minutes CREW AND OTHER TECHNICAL INFORMATION WRITER: Larry Grusin, Elinor Karpf, Steven Karpf, George …

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High School U.S.A.

DVD REVIEW BRIEF PLOT DESCRIPTION Jay Jay Manners, school ‘loser’, becomes attracted to Beth Franklin who has just recently become part of the ‘In’ crowd because of her new relationship with the school’s head prep/bully, Beau Middleton. As Jay Jay relentlessly pursues Beth, she must make the tough decision between being included or being with …

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Poison Ivy

BRIEF PLOT DESCRIPTION Camp Counselor Dennis Baxter tries to woo Camp Nurse, Rhonda Malone, although she claims that she is happily engaged. In the meantime, Timmy Mezzy learns to face his fears and makes some real friends while he’s at camp. ——————————————————————————– GENERAL FILM INFORMATION GENRE: Comedy SETTING: Camp Pinewood, Maine FILMING LOCATION(S): Hard Labor …

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Family Ties Vacation

BRIEF PLOT DESCRIPTION Alex Keaton wins a summer scholarship to Oxford University in England and the entire Keaton clan go along, making a family vacation out of it. While they’re there, they tour the sites, get caught up in a spy game and get plenty of towels. ——————————————————————————– GENERAL FILM INFORMATION GENRE: Comedy SETTING: England …

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The Return of Bruno

BRIEF PLOT DESCRIPTION A mocumentary about the life of Bruno Randolini, musician extraordinaire, ending with a rockin’ concert. ——————————————————————————– GENERAL FILM INFORMATION GENRE: Mocumentary SETTING: Various Places STATION: HBO AIR DATE: February 7, 1987 RUNNING TIME: 56 Minutes CREW AND OTHER TECHNICAL INFORMATION WRITER: Bruce DiMattia, Paul Flattery, Kenny Solms DIRECTOR: James Yukich PRODUCER: Paul …

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Dear America: Letters Home From Vietnam

BRIEF PLOT DESCRIPTION Letters from troops fighting in the Vietnam war are read and dramatized. ——————————————————————————– GENERAL FILM INFORMATION GENRE: Docudrama ALTERNATE TITLE: Dear America SOURCE MATERIAL: Dear America: Letters Home From Vietnam by Bernard Edelman STATION: HBO AIR DATE: September, 1988 RUNNING TIME: 83 Minutes; 1 hour 23 minutes CREW AND OTHER TECHNICAL INFORMATION …

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Don't Drink the Water DVD Cover

Don’t Drink the Water

DVD REVIEW BRIEF PLOT DESCRIPTION An American family gets held in Russia under false charges and seeks help from the American consulate-who isn’t in the office and has left his son in charge. ——————————————————————————– GENERAL FILM INFORMATION GENRE: Comedy SETTING: Russia STATION: ABC AIR DATE: December 18, 1994 RUNNING TIME: 92 Minutes; 1 hour 32 …

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Saving Milly

BRIEF PLOT DESCRIPTION The true love story of political journalist Mort Kondracke and therapist/activist Milly Martinez and their life struggles. Their struggles take an even more dramatic turn when Milly is diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease at the age of 47. ——————————————————————————– GENERAL FILM INFORMATION SOURCE MATERIAL: Saving Milly by Mort Kondracke GENRE: Drama SETTING: Chicago, …

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The Magic Seven

BRIEF PLOT DESCRIPTION The six arch enemies of earth are challenged by two kids and a five-toed dragon. ——————————————————————————– GENERAL FILM INFORMATION GENRE: Animated Fantasy & Adventure SETTING: UNKNOWN STATION: UNKNOWN AIR DATE: UNKNOWN RUNNING TIME: UNKNOWN CREW AND OTHER TECHNICAL INFORMATION WRITER: Roger Holzberg DIRECTOR: Roger Holzberg PRODUCER: Roger Holzberg, John Kilkenny, Ron Layton …

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Different is the New Normal

Michael J. Fox narrates this documentary about the struggles of a young man with Tourette’s Syndrome. Air Date: May 20, 2012; 7: p.m. Station: PBS More details coming soon. Until then, visit this page for more information.

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