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Back to the Future: The Game :: Out of Time (June 23, 2011)

miscVoice Cast

A.J. LoCascio…Marty McFly
Michael J. Fox…Willie McFly / Future Marty McFly
Christopher Lloyd…Doctor Emmett Brown / Citizen Brown / Jacques Douteux
James Arnold Taylor…Young Emmett Brown
Rebecca Schweitzer…Edna Strickland / Phone Operator / Other Voices
Shannon Nicholson…Young Edna Strickland
Owen Thomas…Beauregard Tannen / Kid Tannen / Other Voices
Michael XSommers…Arthur McFly / George McFly
Melissa Hutchison…Trixie Trotter
Roger Jackson…Cueball / Hostile Guy / Judge Brown / Hampton
Kid Beyond (Andrew Chaikin)…Biff Tannen
Mark Barbolak…Officer Parker

Original Music by
Jared Emerson-Johnson

Sound Department
Jared Emerson-Johnson    ….     voice director
Julian Kwasneski    ….     voice director
Jory K. Prum    ….     sound recording engineer
Jory K. Prum    ….     voice editor

Stephen Clark    ….     special thanks
Bob Gale    ….     special thanks

This is the first time Doc Brown has ever interacted with George McFly.

Michael J. Fox makes a cameo appearance as William McFly, Marty McFly’s great-grandfather, in the game. The character previously appeared as the infant son of Seamus McFly (also played by Fox) and Maggie McFly (Lea Thompson) in Back to the Future Part III. As Marty tells Doc Brown, his future great-grandfather “peed” on him.