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The Michael J. Fox Database began on February 4, 1999 as The Michael J. Fox Story. The name changed to The Michael J. Fox Database sometime during the year of 2000, inspired by the definitive Judy Garland website, The Judy Garland Database. I very much admired what Mr. Johnson was trying to accomplish with his data-heavy website and decided to emulate his example.

The first version of the site was built with the GeoCities page building program, a free program offered by GeoCities, where the site was originally hosted. I soon realized the limitations of the program and took the time to learn HTML and future versions of the website were done ‘by hand.’

For years the site was built using DreamWeaver and Photoshop.

The website is now built using built using the WordPress blogging software. and is hosted by Dreamhost Web Hosting.

The photographs used on this website are from various sources, but mainly from my own personal collection. For any legitimate complaints about the usage of these photographs, please contact me at my e-mail address.

All original text used on this website is copyright © 2010 by Brandi M. Mills, unless otherwise noted. Duplication in whole or in part of the text of any articles, synopses, reviews or any other original material is prohibited without permission from the webmaster.


Best Bet: The Michael J. Fox Database: This elegant site lives up to its name. It’s an amazing database, chock full of details on Fox’s biography, career, quotes, headline news and TV rerun schedules. –, April 9, 2002