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MJFDB Home Page, February 2006

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.: NAVIGATION :. To navigate the Database, use the main menu in the top menu bar. The header text of every page is a direct link to the home page. .: HELP PROMOTE THE DATABASE :. If you would like to help promote the MJFDB, you can post a link to the site by visiting …

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Webmaster Information

Name: Brandi M. Mills (as of October 31, 2000: Formerly Smith) Birthday: June 6 Personal Website: The Snifter Blog: Brandi Mills’ Web Journal Contact: Email I was born in small town in Missouri named Aurora. After suffering in the far inferior township of Mt. Vernon, Missouri for two years, my parents had the good sense …

Parkinson's Advocacy

Resource Material

The Internet Movie Database Television Schedules Lucky Man: A Memoir by Michael J. Fox Michael J. Fox: Overcoming Adversity by Richard Kozar Various articles from news publications dating from 1985 to the present.