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Quotations Made by Michael J. Fox

What I’ve learned through having Parkinson’s and doing my work and not telling people about it is that whatever I’m perceived to be doing, I’m doing something else. I’m managing a physical situation. It taught me great discipline and an awareness of what I can expect from myself. –GQ Interview, November 1999


Audience Member to Michael J. Fox: What do you feel is the secret to your success? Michael J. Fox: (pauses)…Vitamins? –The Phil Donahue Show, 1980s


Pain is temporary. Film is forever.


My attitude is that this person paid my rent, that one bought the car, that one paid for the hockey tickets. –Michael J. Fox on His Fans, 1980s


You know what I want? The answer is, I truly don’t know what I want. I don’t want to do a television series. I want to do dramas as well as comedies, but I have no idea what kind or in what order. Just give me the chance at them. Give me the chance to be someone new occasionally. Alex Keaton, the Boy Prince – well, he can’t stay with people forever. I’m sorry. He’s grown up, he’s gone, he’s on his way to…whatever. –“Michael J. Fox on His Hollywood Ups and Downs” by Michael Leahy, TV Guide, June 22, 1991


I had all the usual ambition growing up. I wanted to be a writer, a musician, a hockey player. I wanted to do something that wasn’t 9 – 5. Acting was the first thing I tried that clicked. –“Fox Riding Crest to Popularity” by Los Angeles Associated Press, Port Arthur News, September 20, 1985


There’s nothing like directing for a control freak, but on the other hand, as Bob Zemeckis says, it’s like being nibbled to death by ducks…I thought about people who made independent films and documentaries who spend 15 years trying to get a directing deal and here I am, with this guy calling me. But then I told myself, ‘Don’t waste any time being guilty. If you feel a challenge, do it!’ The only thing worse than an opportunity you don’t deserve, is blowing an opportunity. –“Michael J. Fox: The Future Is Now” by Don Yakir, Cabletime, April 1987


I was just saying, ‘Yes, I’m free; let’s fit it in and do it,’ without considering whether the script was any good, or the thing had a chance to be successful. I guess I wanted to use the time to make as many movies as I could before they pulled the plug on me, because I felt it’d happen then. Face it, this town is a lottery system for actors. One year, you’re it, and the next you’re gone. I thought, ‘Let’s do some weird films before it all ends. Maybe they’ll think I’m complicated and interesting because of it.’ So, I’d sign the contracts and be there and then I’d have to do something that wasn’t ready or right sometimes. –“Michael J. Fox on His Hollywood Ups and Down” by Michael Leahy, TV Guide June 22, 1991

Quotations Made About Michael J. Fox


I don’t see any reason why he need by confined to that cherubic image. He’s a likable actor, but he doesn’t have to be so clean scrubbed. Paul Schrader; “The Hottest Kid in Hollywood” by Mark Morrissey, US Magazine January 27, 1986


Fox uses his friendly, unthreatening [sic] charms to transcend his essentially bumbling behavior and everyday-average self into something special, something that infiltrates the heart of his audience. –“Michael J. Fox: The Future is Now” by Don Yakir, Cabletime, April 1987