Future of the Michael J. Fox Database

The time has come to close down the site.

The Michael J. Fox Database (MJFDB) has been online since February 4, 1999. I started it as a place to store all the pictures and trivia I had collected about my favorite actor since I started collecting that information in 1985.

Being the overly-organized person I am, that meant that the site expanded into the database that it is now.

However, over the past few years I have found it difficult to keep the site up to date as ‘real-life’ has demanded more of my time. I also picked up new crafting hobbies that ate up all the free time that was left over.

I’ll always be a fan of Mr. Fox. He’s a talented man and, more importantly, a good man and I’m glad that I chose to dedicate a small part of the web to him.

The site will remain live until October 21st, 2019.


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