MJF Returns to “The Good Wife”

Michael J. Fox’s sitcom just got the ax, but he won’t have much time to mourn.

TV Line reports that Fox will return to “The Good Wife” for a story arc in Season 5 that will develop throughout “multiple episodes.”

Fox plays Louis Canning, a slimy lawyer who constantly goes up against Alicia (Julianna Marguiles), and we’re sure this time around will be no different.

No word yet on when Fox’s episodes will air but “The Good Wife” returns March 9 on CBS.


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  1. I have always been a fan of Michael J. Fox. I watched him on Family Ties and many times since then. I am appalled at the fact that he is playing Louis Canning. I have loved the Good Wife from day one. I am losing interest for two reasons: 1) that Josh Charles is gone and 2) that Michael J. Fox is back as Louis Canning. I may not be watching much longer. Some very big mistakes have been made here. David Lee has got to be one of the worst characters beside Louis Canning. Why don’t they go make a firm and leave Diane and Alicia alone?

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