My take on the ‘new’ “Teen Wolf” series

"Teen Wolf" Live ActionI have just recently started watching MTV’s “Teen Wolf” live-action series and I have to (reluctantly) admit that it’s much better than I thought possible. It’s aimed at teens but the characters are likeable enough that it can be enjoyed by adults. In other words, these teens aren’t (all) obnoxious.

Fans of the original will enjoy the little nods made to the film that I still see well into season two. My favorite, from the pilot episode, is Coach Finstock’s horrid little speech that ends with “Everything else is cream cheese.” It’s not set in Beacon Town, but is in Beacon Hills and although the school mascot is not a Beaver, it IS the mascot of an opposing LaCrosse team in season two.

But the most pressing question I’m sure any true Teen Wolf (the film) fan has is – What about Stiles? Is he funny like Jerry Levine or is he just annoying like Stuart Fratkin?

Dylan O’Brien’s Stiles may not be as obnoxious as Jerry Levine’s or as opportunistic, but he is very enjoyable. His situation is much more dire (his life is threatened on a semi-regular basis) and therefore he doesn’t have time to scheme on how to profit from his friend’s affliction. Instead, he’s a loyal friend who helps when he can and lightens the mood with his sarcastic wit. This Stiles is a more likable person, although Jerry Levine’s is still the definitive and my personal favorite.

I’ve been watching via Netflix and am nearing the end of season two. As long as the characters stay likable and don’t devolve into despairing pits of teen angst (which I could easily see happening with the relationship between Scott and Allison) I will keep watching.

Still, I think it could really use a Boof and at least a cameo from James Hampton – just to keep his status as the only Teen Wolf actor to appear in every ‘Teen Wolf’ incarnation.

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    • Diane on September 20, 2013 at 9:43 PM
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    Wonderful to see Michael back on tv. He is well loved by his fans. I’m one of them

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