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And the work continues…

One of the most neglected sections of the site has been the TV Specials section. I have been working on correcting this for the past week – and I even discovered a program I had never even heard of until I came across a video on YouTube.

The following TV Specials pages have been updated with new information, pictures and videos and can be accessed from here:

  • The Witch of Westminster Crossing (1979)
  • NBC All Star Hour (1983)
  • Don’t Ask Me, Ask God (1984)
  • The Homemade Comedy Special (1984)
  • Battle of the Network Star XVI and XVII (1984)
  • Night of 100 Stars II (1985)
  • Time Travel: Fact, Fiction and Fantasy (1985)
  • Bob Hope Buys NBC? (1985)
  • The Making of Back to the Future (1985)
  • Comic Relief (1986)
  • CBC New Year’s Eve Special (1985)

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