Playing Catch Up

It’s been over a month since I posted any news – and just when there was actual news to post! I apologize for my slacking. The reason for it? My department has become shorthanded at my real-world job and the stress was getting to me.

So, with no further delay, here are all the news postings I meant to post during the month of April:

Rescue Me News

Rescue Me Finally Ignites a new season – Except:

It’s dangerous. It’s funny. It’s dangerously funny.

And that’s the way “Rescue Me” rolls through a season. There’s no playing it safe. There’s no pulling of punches, comedic or tragic. There’s no apologizing for the TV-MA rating this show earns for . . . well, you’d quickly lose count if you tried to keep track of the reasons for the TV-MA rating….Read more

Fox to the Rescue: Firehouse Comeback – Excerpt:

Fox is brutal, savage, nasty, dirty and funny. He deserves an Emmy – and not because he’s a disabled man fighting for a career, but because he’s a most able actor who has put in a hell of a scary, powerhouse performance….Read more

Fox Embraced Bad Guy Role – Excerpt:

MICHAEL J. FOX jumped at the chance to play a bitter, drug-addicted character in U.S. TV drama RESCUE ME – so he could ditch his reputation as Hollywood’s ‘Mr. Nice Guy’….Read more

ABC Optimism Special

Michael J. Fox Came Close to Death – Excerpt

Michael J. Fox almost lost his life and a finger while shooting a new documentary about optimism in the Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan – after falling down a mountain.  The actor travelled to the tiny nation, dubbed the happiest place on earth, to discover if the region deserved its cheery reputation….Read More

Michael J. Fox in Bhutan – Excerpt:

Michael J. Fox is inspired by Bhutan’s development philosophy of ‘Gross National Happiness’, which places holistic individual and social well-being above mere economic and material gain. The philosophy can include organized days for school kids to pick up garbage….Read more

See a Sneak Peak…Read More

MJF’s New Book: Always Looking Up – The Adventures of an Incurable Optimist

Review: The Star Who Will Never Give Up…Read more

Michael J. Fox, Michael Pollan to Discuss New Book – Excerpt:

Michael J. Fox will keep it all in the family when he appears May 1 at Herbst Theatre to talk about his new book, “Always Looking Up: The Adventures of an Incurable Optimist.” He’ll be featured in the City Arts & Lectures conversation with his brother-in-law, author Michael Pollan, a professor at UC Berkeley’s Graduate School of Journalism and the brother of Fox’s wife, Tracy Pollan….Read more

Michael J. Fox Talks about Parkinson’s and Optimism…Read more

Optimism for Rebirth – Excerpt:

Optimism blogger uses Michael J. Fox’s new book, Always Looking Up: The Adventures of an Incurable Optimist, to teach thirty straight days of optimism! This is not your typical “peachy keen” optimism. It’s the down and dirty, roll up your sleeves, take on a challenge, and overcome a difficulty kind. Optimism guru Dr. Russ Buss identifies a four step process for self -reinvention. Get on the bus, the Dr. Russ Buss, and check out the blog!…Read more

Michael J. Fox: Optimist at Wrigley Field…Read More


10 Questions for Michael J. Fox from TIME Readers…Read More

What MJF thinks about the new Bright Lights, Big City remake…Read More

MJF interviews at Outback Steakhouse Pro-Am (golf) event…Read More

Michael J. Fox teams with champion golfer Tim Simpson…Read More

Stiles…still feelin’ the love after all these years…Read more

Michael J. Fox comes to San Francisco…Read more

MJF makes surprise appearance at Back to the Future cast & crew reunion…Read more


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    Micheal, As I watched your special on optimism I thought you should come to Burley Idaho and see optomism first hand. I work with mentally and physically disabled. They are by far the most optomistic people on this earth. At my work the disabled come to the center which they call their school from 9am-3pm. They live at different places but they come together 5 days a week to be with each other and live as normal as their bodies and minds allow. Some of them don’t have any control over their physical bodies because of Cerebal Palsy, some don’t have any control over their minds. But they all live optomistic lives in spite of what life has handed to them. Please come and visit this special group of people who I call the “Most optomistic people on Earth”. Thank you Darla Wybenga 208-539-5559

  1. Dear Micheal, we think you are great, you never know when your world will turn upside down, our son Luke graduated from Saginaw Valley University MI, in 2005, got his bachelors graduated from police academy at Delta College,MI, GOT married was hired for his first police job, worked 6months then was diagnosed with hospkins lympomia cancer . He never gave up either, he got treatment, chemo, radiation, had to give up his apartment move in with mom and dad, didnt work for nearly 9months, lost his police certification because of not working his first year. Because of the state health laws, he will not be eligible to work in law enforcement in mi for 5years of remission. He never gave up he moved to arizona, worked in security for two years where he won officer of year twice, and is now working in a state prison in arizona. We are so proud of him and his wife, tthey are now expectting their first child in Sept. Thanks for listening to our inspiring story. Deb Gyomory North Branch MI

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