Rescue Me Facts and Other MJF Stuff

Five things to know about Rescue Me.

Parkinson’s made MJF a better dad. gives a brief review of Rescue Me’s new season. Here’s an excerpt:

And you cannot miss Michael J. Fox’s performance as a wheelchair-whirling, scruffy, profane rival for Janet’s affections. By the time he takes Tommy for a hair-raising car ride in week 5’s episode, you feel as though you’re in the backseat, hanging on for dear life, happily.

Five things that make MJF happy.


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    • Susan Bearchell on May 11, 2009 at 5:39 PM
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    i heard from my Mothers, Mother that my great Uncle John Logan Baird from Scotland was the one who invented the television set iwas on T.V. in 1961 playing an angel in the Christmas Pageant kneeling at the foot of the manger where a man laid a baby wrapped in blnkets. i held my finger up to my lips hushing the baby that was crying when the choir was singing : “Away In The Manger “

    • Susan Bearchell on May 11, 2009 at 5:31 PM
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    Dear Micheal.
    I was born & raised in Ednonton. I’m Christian & was called to a Morris Cerullo conference in Chicago in 1995. My daughter ran away from home when she was 16 & found out she was pregnant. Going up tp Yellowknife to have an abortion, I had a dream that night that I saw 2 cherubs floating on each side of my head wringing their hands in panick asking me if they could stay with me & asking me to help them because some one was trying to kill them.
    When I woke up I heard God tell me to call the police & report my daughter missing. I did & received a call from an R.C.M.P. officer from up North that he wa sending her home in a plane the next morning because she was panicked that she had an appointment for an abortion the next morning. They were born Sept. 2. 1992!!! Twin Towers 9/11. I’m writing a book about my life story that a Christian Publisher wants to put on their #1 bestseller list Holy War on the Homefront because they believe it will change the world. I was lifted up into the Throneroom by Jesus and saw the angels bowing in worship at Him!
    I was driving across a bridge to the southside one day & heard God tell me he wanted me to pray for you!!! I asked him what about & he told me to turn on the radio & when I did I heard on the news about you being diagnosed! My Parents were both diagnosed with cancer in the ’70s my Father was murdered by Dr/s with a drug they called 5FU!?
    My mother heard from her mother that a friends daughter was diagnosed & went to TiaJuana Mevico where they found a cure. My mother went there when Steve McQueen was there & was killed by a heart attack in california when he returned home. my mother came back cured & we did alot of research together! She went to the cancer clinic & they murdered her with AIDS tainted blood because Drs can’t make their fortunes when people aren’t getting diseases! I recently heard from God over my Altar that He wants me to pray for you!! I have Jewish anointing ouil from Morris Cetrullo
    Please let me come & pray for you I know about the b vitamins that heal the nervous system!!! I can tell you what the cure is!!! Vit B17 is from bitter seeds such as apricot kernels, apple seeds, etc.!!!

    • Анна on April 15, 2009 at 9:07 AM
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    I LOVE YOU!!! You are the best of the best!!!

    • CATHY KELLEY on April 10, 2009 at 4:32 PM
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    Seriously, that was well stated and accurate. Those that think taking embryos is murdering babies have not done their homework about the subject. The cells that are, or will, be used are from tissue that is going to be thrown into the garbage. Since we still (for the time being) live in a country of free choice, and the woman has made the choice to end her pregnancy, what is wrong with using that decision to better another life?

  1. What’s wrong with them? They’re listening to misinformed sources who tell them that anyone who would even dare think about doing research on an embryonic cell means that that researcher wants to rip out the fetus straight from the pregnant mother’s uterus.

    I still don’t get the mindset of protecting cells that haven’t developed into anything (and never will) over helping people who are ALREADY HERE and suffering!

    • tired of morons on April 10, 2009 at 11:42 AM
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    what is wrong witih you people?
    ok first, he has been raising money by himself for research, and gotten over $100 million dollars. so he has been using “his own money”.
    secondly, the embryos he wants to use are being thrown away! how can you people not understand that? either they’re going to be thrown in the trash (literal waste), or put to some good use, potentialy helping millions of people with horrible diseases.

  2. If you just have to post your ignorant, inflammatory remarks (that have absolutely nothing to do with the post you’re commenting on), could you at least limit it to one post instead of posting the same thing twice?

  3. Do you all refuse to understand that babies have to die for this type of stem cell research?????

  4. I guess MJF is happy now that our tax dollars go to fund the murder of embryos for research into his disease.

    Why didn’t he just use his own money?

    I hope he can sleep at night knowing that he has promoted the murder of these innocents and implecated us all thru the use of our money.

    How pathetic of a person he is (murder of the innocents (embryos) to help him).

    I hope he is able to explain his sins when he meets our maker (that is if he still has a soul)

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