Future of the Michael J. Fox Database

The time has come to close down the site.

The Michael J. Fox Database (MJFDB) has been online since February 4, 1999. I started it as a place to store all the pictures and trivia I had collected about my favorite actor since I started collecting that information in 1985.

Being the overly-organized person I am, that meant that the site expanded into the database that it is now.

However, over the past few years I have found it difficult to keep the site up to date as ‘real-life’ has demanded more of my time. I also picked up new crafting hobbies that ate up all the free time that was left over.

I’ll always be a fan of Mr. Fox. He’s a talented man and, more importantly, a good man and I’m glad that I chose to dedicate a small part of the web to him.

The site will remain live until October 21st, 2019.

Happy Birthday to MJF!

Happy 54th birthday, Mr. Fox!


MJF is a Health Hero!

Back in November, Michael J. Fox was inducted into the WebMD Health Hero Hall of Fame. Congratulations! (And yeah, it was 6 months ago, but better late than never, right? Heh.)


Site Updates (told you it wasn’t dead)

The Good Wife page has been updated and reformatted.

A new page for the motion picture Annie has been added.

Remember to ‘Like’ the Michael J. Fox Database Facebook page – trivia, pictures and minor news stories are posted there regularly.

The MJFDB is Not Dead

Despite the lack of any recent updates, the Michael J. Fox Database is not a dead site. The past few months have been extremely busy for me due to my day job and it will continue to be so until the end of April. After that I hope to get back to updating the site and bringing it up to my standards.

In the meantime, follow the MJFDB Facebook page. It is easier to update and when I come across interesting tidbits I will post them there.

My MJF YouTube Playlist

I’ve been working on a Michael J. Fox playlist over on YouTube for a while and it’s gotten pretty long. I’ve embedded it below, but it includes feature length films so you may want to bookmark and revisit it when you have some time to watch. A LOT of time. 🙂


MJF on Blu-Ray: Class of 1984

Class of 1984 PosterThe cult classic Class of 1984 is coming to blu-ray! Blu-ray.com reports that Scream Factory plans to release this disc in early 2015. No details on extras yet.

Class of 1984 features a very young Michael J. Fox along with Perry King and all around genius Roddy McDowall.


So, for the past few days Michael J. Fox has been trending on Twitter. Not to worry, he hasn’t died or been hospitalized, etc. Turns out that it’s the fault of some in-poor-taste Twitter bots automatically tweeting terrible jokes about MJF.

Visit this site to read in more detail. Warning: There are some mean-spirited jokes from the TwitterBots listed.

The Internet: A Blessing and Curse all rolled into one.


“The Good Wife” Season Premiere: MJF to Appear

goodwifeMichael J. Fox guest stars in the season premiere of “The Good Wife” on September 21st.


“Family Ties” Unlimited Edition

TV Shows on DVD has reported that CBS Entertainment will be re-releasing the “Family Ties” boxed set of all 7 seasons of the series this November 11th. It will not include the special features disc that was created for the Limited edition that was released last year.

Personally, I prefer the box art on this new release. 🙂